Environment & Sustainability


  • Landscaping will comprise more than 30 per cent of the site
  • The proposals will protect and enhance those areas of biodiversity
  • Trees and hedgerows would be retained with new landscaping proposed.

Latton Priory Montage

Key Sustainability Principles

Latton Priory Sustainability
  • Create sustainable linkages of public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes to the wider area
  • Provide employment opportunities and facilities within walking distance
  • Design homes to optimise access to daylight/sunlight
  • Insulate buildings effectively
  • Landscape to reduce and manage water run off and prevent flooding through sustainable drainage systems
  • Maximise direct sunlight into private and public spaces
  • Allow for the installation of renewable technology
  • Encourage local food production through the creation of allotments and community gardens.

Examples of sustainable
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