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  • £25 million private sector investment
  • The scheme would create more than 3,000 jobs
  • It would bring almost £20 million per year in spend from new residents into the area, benefiting local shops and businesses
  • It would generate more than £26 million in New Homes Bonus, which is central Government funding given to local authorities
  • Investment would be made into highways improvements and initiatives as well as education and healthcare provision
  • New accessible green space, sports and recreation facilities and woodland for use by existing, as well as future, residents.


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CEG and Hallam Land Management are proposing a sustainable, residential development to the south of Harlow including:

  • Up to 2,500 homes, schools, shops, community and recreation facilities and employment space
  • New accessible, green and open space and landscape buffer around the site
  • Contributions towards education, bus service and highways infrastructure improvements, including Junction 7 of the M11

If you would like to leave general comments and concerns please go directly to the space provided at the start of this questionnaire. If you are happy to complete the questions in order to assist with our masterplanning process please do so as well.

If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions regarding the future development of the site, please state them below:

Questionnaire (contd)...

1) If new homes are delivered on this site do you have a preference in terms of the types of homes?

First time buyer/starter homes
Family (2 – 5 bedrooms)
Elderly accommodation
Affordable homes for local people
Other (please state):

2) Much of the site will be new, accessible green and open spaces. This will include new landscaping around the site. How would you like to see the green space used?

Open grass land
Some landscaped with new trees/hedgerows
Sports pitches
Play areas for children
Other (insert comments here):

3) Which of the aims we have set for delivering this site do you agree or disagree with?

Meet the need for new homes in the area
Achieve a high quality design which reflects the setting of the local landscape and area
Set the development within woodland, parks and green space by retaining existing trees/hedgerows
Create a new neighbourhood centre for residents by providing community and recreation facilities, shops and schools
Provide highway improvements including a new bus service, cycle and footpath links and investment into road improvements
Deliver new employment space to create new job opportunities in the area
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