The Site

The site is located along the northern boundary of Epping and the southern edge of Harlow and would form a logical and sustainable extension to Harlow.

The site is 250 hectares and is bounded by significant areas of woodland and open space, such as Mark Bushes.

This site was first identified as a potential expansion area for Harlow in 1963.

These belts of deciduous woodland and the rolling landscape create an opportunity for a contained development area and provide a sense of enclosure within the landscape.

The minimum 2.4 mile distances between Harlow and Epping/North Weald protect against coalescence and retain the integrity of the rural Epping landscape.


  • The ancient monuments of Latton Priory and the Moat can be made accessible as part of a linked public footpath network
  • The adjoining SSSI can be linked to ancient woodlands and hedgerows to form part of a set of ecological corridors.
Latton Priory Moat

The Moat

Latton Priory Farm

Latton Priory Farm

Latton Priory Ancient Woodland

Ancient Woodland