Visual Appraisal

The undulating local landscape ensures that visually, the site can be contained in order to minimise the sensitivity to the local landscape. It can be improved with further planting.

Download the landscape and visual study [11.9MB]

Latton Priory Visioning Framework Latton Priory Visioning Framework

By locating development to the north of the site it will ensure that it is visually contained within existing woodland belts and planting.

Latton Priory Influences Latton Priory Influences
Latton Priory Influences Latton Priory Influences

Design Influences

A mixture of housing styles in keeping with Epping's rural character is proposed. There is a strong local character that can be tapped into for design ideas and themes.

These images are examples of housing which demonstrate the old and new local character and will be references for the residential element of the scheme.

Design Aims

Latton Priory Sketch
  • Integrate new development with existing features and reinforce the natural landscape with green corridors
  • Protect and enhance existing ecology
  • Create a strong local character
  • Provide facilities for a neighbourhood centre including employment opportunities, schools and shops
  • Provide a mixture of housing types and tenures
  • Provide a mixture of open and green spaces and recreation opportunities.